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Picture photo jigsaw
We can also personalise mugs, pillows, canvases and posters with your photos making them into awesome prints and gifts for family and friends.

We all love a jigsaw puzzle right, well how about a personalised jigsaw puzzle with a picture or photos of your choice creating your very own photo jigsaws?

Here's how to make a personalised photo jigsaw with a few simple clicks using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Doing a puzzle sure passes the time of day, the whole world loves a puzzle, I'm not sure about you but my life is a puzzle too!

Now get yourself ready and prepare yourself to make your jigsaw puzzle personalised with a few easy steps!

You choose between the jigsaw puzzles listed which will be either a 120-piece jigsaw or a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle, click the jigsaw of your choice, when the page opens, scroll down to "personalise" which opens "Antigro Designer" here you will find our custom made jigsaw templates with or without the editable text in many different formats, whether it is for a single print for a jigsaw, a collage of your favourite photo, special occasion, for a loved one, hearts, numbers and shapes, even a calendar with a special date or year you can create a jigsaw of your choice.

After you choose a jigsaw template just upload a quality photo or photos and play around with the editor to achieve the desired look for your personalised jigsaw puzzle when satisfied with your photo puzzle just click confirm, our system automatically checks for picture quality or any upload errors before adding your jigsaw to our checkout.

If you did all the above "well done" that was so super easy hey, depending on where you live you could receive delivery of your jigsaw puzzle prints created and personalised with your own fair hands using your imagination in a matter of days, how cool is that, your very own prints and a  photo on a jigsaw puzzle!

Now you have your creative head on and those juices are flowing I bet you are itching to create more personalised photo items, it doesn't have to be a photo jigsaw puzzle you can also create easily a pattern personalised puzzle or a colour personalised puzzle, you love rabbits then how about a bunny personalised puzzle we don't just make jigsaw puzzles want to know what else you can make personal please read on!

So now you have checked out our templates and realise we are not just about photo jigsaw pieces, what other photo gifts do we offer?

As you are now aware, we are living in a digital age, nowadays we store all our photos on a digital device, gone are the days when on those wet rainy days or wanting to reminisce we would drag out those photo albums and look through a particular photo collection or photo book with our favourite photo prints when done our photo books would be put back into a cupboard to gather dust.

How nice would it be to be able to display your favourite photograph on everyday personalised items we can look at and use every day and which you don't find at our local shop?

Personalised Jigsaws is where we began over 6 years ago in Sutton-in-Ashfield a small market town in Nottinghamshire UK, as our customer base grew and orders began flooding in for personalised photo jigsaws we started to piece together a plan for more personalised photo gifts, some of the ideas are from our customers as in personalised blanket, personalised books, personalised calendars, personalised photo prints, personalised mugs the list can be endless even a personalised case perhaps?

Check out below for more exciting ideas and gift items for you to personalise with a photo right away.

Design your Mugs.

A photo prints on a mug makes an ideal gift for a loved one, friend or even yourself, with our Antigro editor making designing and creating personalised mugs a breeze with our outstanding prints!

Choose a photo and give it a go.

Canvas Prints to decorate your home.

These personalised canvas prints make beautiful gifts for family or friends or even to adorn and brighten up the walls in your own house, they are available in many different sizes to suit your needs and budget, you can edit the template to show a single photo or a collage add text the choice is yours, just be sure to upload a high-quality photo.

Again use your creative skills to design prints to decorate every room in your house, from small landscape square prints, photo calendar prints, family photo portrait prints, wedding prints, a photo of you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, and holiday photo, pick a favourite photo and make beautiful prints.

Design your fabulous Posters.

Our photo posters prints are available in sizes from A1 to A4, perfect for displaying perhaps a perfect holiday photo, scenic photo, family photo, or wedding photo the list is endless and the choice is yours, pick your favourite photo and create your very own poster personalised by your own fair hands!

Pillows to adorn your bedroom.

Never be without a loved one to rest your weary head on ever again, check out our range of pillows, yes we even do photo prints on pillows, 

Custom Photo puzzle and gift cards

Currently, our jigsaw puzzles, photo puzzle or picture puzzle as some people like to call them are limited to either 120 or 300-piece jigsaws as you can Check out, for the guys who like more of a challenge we will add 500 to 1000-piece puzzles very soon along with other personalised photo gifts.

Can I turn any photos into a jigsaw? 

Yes, you can by using our simple-to-use online photo editor, to make a simple puzzle is as easy as saying 1,2,3!

Puzzles make great gifts for family and friends, our prints on these puzzles are top-notch and will make anybody who receives one a special day.

How many pieces make up our jigsaws, currently 120 or 300 pieces, more pieces to be added at a later date, how many pieces do you like a jigsaw to be 500 or 1,000 pieces perhaps?

How do you make a puzzle out of a picture?

With ease, jump on our web page, choose from our drop-down menu from a puzzle, mug, pillow, canvas or poster, and click "Personalise it" this then takes you to our photo editing section and follow the step-by-step process

Do you make calendars?

As of yet, not the traditional calendars your may be thinking of which you hang on a wall, but by using our template editor software you can incorporate a special occasion, month or year and make your very own commemorative calendars, making beautiful prints for photo books, photo cards, photo pillows, posters and even mugs!

I'm not so creative is the online photo editor easy to use?

Give it a whirl, you will be surprised how easy the photo editor is to use, within minutes you will be uploading a photo or photos to make a collage, changing background colours, adding a personal message creating your very own fabulous designs ready for printing and delivery to your home address. 

Are prints of good quality?

They most certainly are, our prints are of the highest quality prints in the industry, although please remember to enjoy our prints you will need to upload a good quality print yourself!

Our editing system accepts J-Peg or PNG formats although I would recommend J-Pegs as these are normally of a higher quality resulting in much better printing quality.


How long will it take to receive my order?

If you live in the UK delivery normally takes 2 to 3 business days, if overseas then you will need to allow more time, perhaps a week or two to receive your delivery.


Can't find an item you want?

If you have an item in mind which is not yet listed to have personalised, drop us a message, and let us see what we can do, we would be more than happy to try to help out with any personalised photo gifts and ideas.



With X-Mas around the corner, "check your calendars" and don't puzzle away with what to buy a loved one on this special day

Order our wonderful prints and printed items today!


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